48V 100AH LiFePo4 battery pack was being tested on the electric boat
Please refer to the link for  the vedio :  48V 100AH was tested vedio

We have a 12V 50ah LiFePo4 pack used for the solar road light in our company . As far as  we know that more and more people are considering using LiFePo4 battery to replace traditional lead acid battery in the solar system storage . Also some other people are still hesitated about this because of LiFePo4's seemingly high cost .

If you make a calculation about cost/cycle for lead acid battery and LiFePo4 , you can see LiFePo4 is not expensive at all . I once made a comparison between LiFePo4 and lead acid in solar system use . If you are interested , please drop me a line .

Some pictures below for your reference : 12V 50AH LiFePo4 pack with BMS used for solar light.

Hey guys ,

SanDe Electronics Co. becomes a  gold memeber/supplier on Made-in China this year .

We made a test for our 3.2V 10ah LiFePo4 single cell at 4C and the following is some general curves , please write to us if you are interested in a clear copy .
See the following small light weight vehicle .

It was converted from a bicycle and now  powered by a 48V 20ah LiFePo4 battery pack .

We can also put some solar panels on the top/cap  of  the vehile , so the battery pack can be charged by solar power ! :)



    We are specialized in producing LiFePo4 battery for electric bike , electric scooter and electric car .LiFePo4 battery is also a trend to replace lead acid battery in solar system . We also produce solar panels . Welcome your comments.


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